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This is for anyone that just needs to scream and shout and get your BP down!
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I don't hardly read the news or watch anything political any more.
Trump may have a lot of problems but Trump as president is  way more better than dumbass lying thieving Hillary. She has already announced that if elected she will go bat shit crazy opening the doors and borders to all illegals.

If we vote for Trump...we are just crazy !
We vote for Hillary and we are bat shit ignorant stupid.  Not because she is a woman but because of who she is !
Who will you vote for?
You cannot change your vote after voting.
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Watch...Hillary will spin the shooting story ,like Obama, as a call for more gun control and that she should be elected president because she is the only one that can get a handle on gun control....because she is a woman,the first woman president,and if we don't like it..."why does it matter?"    She is the first woman president that's what's important.
People we will pay attention to her because she is the first woman president....it matters.....because she is a woman.........
Fuckin bitch........Bill,slap the shit out of your woman (if you want to call her that) tell  her to shut the fuck up.
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Moving on......illegal aliens. Not immigrants  no they are sneaking into America by the millions.
Obama wants them here. (for the votes) Hillary wants them here..(for the votes)...big business wants them here.(for the low wage workers) Democrats want them here (for the votes and the low wages)
Do legal Americans want them here (we are talking all races of Americans) no! That is a big fat FUCKING NO !
It is us Legal Americans that are paying for these law breakers to live here.
Housing...medical....education....translators......translations on every Damn package of anything.
Why? Every label of anything is not paid for by the producer.....Hell no they pass that cost on to the consumer.
The only translation should be on government documents nothing else.
Do not sneak into this country like the cowards you are and fly your fucking mexican flag and speak nothing but Spanish gobelity gook. Fuck no......Learn to speak English you asshole mother fuckers!!!!!
Do not even demand we learn Spanish to accommodate your illegal wetback ass!
And you  worthless pieces of shit can forget about taking over California or any other state for that matter.. It will never happen...nope ..we Americans will stomp your cockroache ass and we will find you and we will send you and your fat ass wife and your 4,5 or six rugrats right back across  the river to the country you do not have the balls to make it better for you ! No you lowlife scum of the earth find it easier to sneak into America and live off the backs of true Americans !!!!!! Your time is coming and you will not like the results !
Go Trump 2016 Build tat wall and make them pay for it.........
Better than glowing in the dark...right ?
Should illegals be deported?
You cannot change your vote after voting.
You have to vote before you can see the results.
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Obama has apoligized to every one because in his view America/Americans are rude crude and taken advantage of the rest of the world.  Dumb ass obama went to japan and apoligized because America dropped a few nuclear bombs on them. Oh whoa is me. Who started the damn war by attacking Pearl Harbour ..Hmm? The japenese did..Yea so to end the war we nuked them. Damn right ...You do not kick a sleeping dog and not expect to get bit.
I have no guilt for making a few cities in Japan glow in the dark.
They started it  and we finished it!

Just like radical islamists, You ragheads are going to learn the hard way that Americans will stay tolerant  for just so long. You stay over there and ruin you country.  But for Damn sure don't come to America and make demands....
Like demanding that sharia law be excepted. Fuck you!  Don't tell us to take bacon off the menu...Fuck You.
Don't tell our citizens to not wear shorts or short skirts or that women should cover their heads. Fuck you rag heads!!!!!! This is America...Home of the brave..Land of the free.
You don't like it ? Push us to hard.....kick that sleeping dog one to many times......and we will make that sand spit you call home..glow in the dark!!!!.  Just remember what happened to Japan....
Is it good for obama to travel the world and apoligize for America?
You cannot change your vote after voting.
dfwdude@live.com by dfwdude@live.com @
The Rants will come....
illegal aliens
Just a few to begin with.
Who will you vote for?
You cannot change your vote after voting.
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